Erik Sather for FUSD School Board

I’m running for Flagstaff Unified School District in November because I want to help people find solutions to issues that will arise in the next four years.

In my career, I’m a storyteller. I work at Northern Arizona University in Television Services as part of the marketing and communications team. My primary job is to tell stories about the good work being done by students and faculty at NAU. As a school board member, I plan to draw on these skills to build connections between students, teachers, and parents. As a filmmaker I work with many stakeholders with many opinions and many agendas. Bringing these many visions together is the challenge, but also the process by which one makes a great film. Bringing students, teachers and parents together makes a great school district and I’m running to help make that happen.
Because I’m a good listener and because I’m a storyteller, I have a unique capacity to help tell the Flagstaff Public School’s great stories and great victories.

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